Crew Network: Congratulations Women of Influence

Grit and tenacity sum up this year’s roster of influential women. Using a playbook written almost exclusively by them, many of these extraordinary professionals embarked on commercial real estate careers at a time when this wasn’t commonplace. Having climbed up the ranks to leadership positions within both public and private endeavors throughout the country, they’re all resolved to surpass their prior achievements.

Another theme among these professionals is the superhuman pace of multitasking that women are known to have perfected. Many hold more than two positions, whether in the nonprofit, mentoring or personal arenas, in addition to their full-time obligations. And they do so effortlessly, often taking on additional duties simply because there is more work to be done. Those who have not had the privilege of crossing paths with these individuals would benefit from discovering the magic formula that keeps these impressive women motivated to grow and have an impact on the world around them every day.

Real Estate Forum is proud to present this year’s roster of Women of Influence. Selected from hundreds of standout nominations, the 50 individuals profiled on the following pages are not only successful in their endeavors, but also serve as inspirations to nearly everyone they’ve touched in the worlds of both business and community.


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